Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crawl

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Session One

Journal Entry by Jay (Through the Eyes of a Gnome Sorcerer)

-Group met up for the funeral of Professor Lorrimor.
-Group of 12 people from town tried to stop the group from proceeding
-They didn’t want a necromancer in their graveyard
-Terra intimidated them into backing off

-Proceed with the funeral
-Two of the characters give stirring eulogies (forget who – Azreal and the Inquisitor, i believe)

-Retire to Kendra’s house for the reading of the will
-In the will, the Kendra is given the majority of his property
-The group is asked to deliver a small stash of books to contacts in Lepidstadt
-Will be paid 100 platinum upon successful delivery
-The group is asked to stay with Kendra the next month
-Group assertains that the Professor died in the old prison
-We all came to the conclusion that it was not an accident
-Group also decides to forge copies of the books and carry the originals
-Group also discovers from interesting journal entries in one of the books left for them

-Group visits the Temple to Pharasma to seek any more information about the Professor
-One the way – hear a really creepy children’s rhymn

-The group goes and checks out one of the tombs (forget why – had to do with the Winding Way)
-Four monstrous centipedes attempt to find dinner
-Deftly and almost completely uninjured, the group dispatches them
-In the coffin, they find a small stash of goods
-12 silver arrows, 10 +1 Ghost Touch Arrows, 2 +1 Undead Bane Arrows
-5 potions of Cure Light Wounds, 2 potions of Lesser restoration
-Scroll of Detect Undead, 2 Scrolls of Hide from Undead, Scroll of Protection from Evil
-A scroll case with an insignia of the Winding Way on it. None opens

-The Memorial is defaced with a bloody ‘V’
-Terra cleans the statue
-Azreal(?) finds a bloody rat
-They are confronted by one of the locals who didn’t want the professor buried in town
-Some interesting rumors are discovered from the drunken man
-Group also uncovers the names of those killed in the prison

-Terra goes to the Constables to find out about the rumor about graves being dug up – nothing new

-Banick and Azreal go to the tavern to find out more information from the locals
-Bannick drinks
-(Missed what they all found out)
-Group is invited to stay at the tavern that night

-Rostin goes to the church to do research on the Whispering Way

-Group meets up in the tavern
-Some kid comes in to perform
-During the performance, Terra notices blood leaking from the ceiling
-Others in the group notice a buzzing sound from up above
-During the performance, 3 Stirge break through the ceiling, knocking the performer unconscious
-A tough battle ensues
-Terra gets attack by one, knocked out by Bannick and they finally kill that one
-Rostin heals Terra with a potion
-Azreal takes out one of the others
-Banick and Azreal take out the third one that was attached to a patron

-The group takes the performer back to Kendra’s
-Terra proceeds to “question” the performer
-A window in the pantry is broken, and the group discovers that a dead cat has been thrown through
-Tracking the steps back to the monument, the group finds a ‘VE’ in blood on the monument
-Surmising that the wife of the warden has since turned undead, the group decide to head to Harrowstone Prison (i believe that is what it is called)


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